Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunflower Farm Creamery

This month I had a really fun opportunity to make an illustrated logo for a lovely farm/creamery in Cumberland, Maine.   Their farm ( is a true menagerie: they have Nigerian dwarf goats, dogs, potbellied pigs, barn cats, and a variety of chickens.  The logo was specifically to be made for products for sale: goat's milk cheeses and eggs.  We went through a number of drafts, and ended up with something simple that could be used for a product label or for a logo that also calls attention to the farm name and the type of products they will create.  The black and white chicken is a silver wyandotte, a breed they have on their farm, while the baby goat is an actual kid named May who was born this year, so the logo is about as personalized as it gets.   It's a feel-good kind of project.

If you are interested in an illustrated logo for your business, you can contact me here:

Sunflower Farm Creamery Logo, Copyright 2012 Jessica Boehman. Pencil and digital color.


  1. That is seriously the cutest baby goat I've ever seen! Great work.

  2. Thanks so much for doing this logo for us. I showed it off today and everyone fell in love with your work. Couldn't be happier with the result. I keep telling little May the doeling goat that she is famous!
    The Halls

  3. wow thats lovely work, well done!!

  4. This beautiful logo is a fitting accompaniment to some of the smoothest, best tasting goat cheese I've encountered. Way to go everyone!