Friday, June 8, 2012

Introducing Ludo

Jim Henson's Labyrinth was one of my favorites as a kid.  Still is, really.  It is one of those rare films which, from the first opening scene, still makes me imagine.  Or makes imagining feel like the best thing in the world.   As children, we recreated scenes from the movie on videotape on cold, German winter days.  We memorized the songs, the lines, and the characters' quirks.  It's amazing how puppets can seem so real.

Ludo and Sara.
Ludo was one of the most heartwarming and gentlest of all the fantastic creatures in the film.  He seems initially menacing, but takes to kindness like a sponge.  He is loyal, helpful, and loving.  He even can command rocks with his howl.  What's not to like?  Even the late Princess Diana agreed: here she is meeting Ludo (with Henson in the background, smiling) at the Labyrinth premiere.

We've named a lot of our pets after Henson creatures.  Merlin was named after Sara's dog in Labyrinth.  Fozzie is a Muppet.  How could I break the tradition?  We rescued this handsome dog this week from Badass Brooklyn Foster Dog.  He was in a high-kill shelter in SC.  He's only about a year and a half, and still acts like a puppy.  He's taken to his new home like a fish to water.  His color and his funny, downturned ears reminded me of Ludo's horns, so that's what we decided to name him.

Meet the newest member of Hans-My-Hedgehog Illustrations!  His name will inspire me to keep dreaming.

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