Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hedgehog in Love

There was a long...really too long hiatus in new drawings over the last three months.  We moved, and by the time I was done unpacking, the semester was in full-swing mode.  There was simply no time to draw, though my idea book is chock-full.  This week, after a few days of delightful and much needed relaxation (reading a novel...gasp!), my new studio desk came.  It's large and luxurious and demanded to be broken in immediately.  How could I refuse?

The resulting drawing is the second in my series of hedgehog holiday illustrations.  I imagine little hedgie as a Cupid in a school play...because we all know that hedgehogs don't fly!  Happy Valentine's Day, Hedgehog!

"Happy Valentine's Day, Hedgehog!" Pencil and Digital color. Copyright 2012 Jessica Boehman



  1. This drawing is adorable! Happy to see you back at the drawing table.

  2. Wow! Looking through your blogs and sketchings - you have such an imagination! I just love this little hedgehog.