Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cold of Winter

Winter is still a pretty great time to visit the zoo.  There are no crowds, and though many of the animals are taking it easy, you can still enjoy yourself at the petting zoo.  There, the llamas, alpacas, cows, horses, pigs, sheep and goats still vie for your attention unabashedly.  My husband and I visited the Queens Zoo for the first time on New Year's Eve.  What better way to end the year than hanging with the animals?  We met some new friends.

Me and the alpaca at the Queens Zoo.  He only wants me for my pellets.

Seeing all of these animals wearing their winter coats, I was grateful for how their wool keeps me warm in the winter as well.  My favorite winter hat is a Peruvian style alpaca wool hat, died bright colors.  You won't miss me in a snow storm.  Some of my favorite pictures of my husband and I are in our Peruvian hats.  

Indeed, this basically served as our engagement photo, as we never had any taken. My little sister did a photo shoot with us in our hats on Black Friday 2009.

In our Peruvian hats.
Here I am again in my hat at Cromwell Manor Inn in Cornwall, NY for my birthday weekend this past November.  They had a hammock, cool fall air, a petting zoo next door at Jones Farm, and crisp blue skies.  Bliss.  

In the hammock in my hat.
So I made a drawing to show how animals may keep warm, too.  Here are many friends I've met recently: the alpaca and the sheep from Queens Zoo, the rooster and spotted pig from Jones Farm, and a winter goose from the Brooklyn Zoo.  May you all be warm, safe, happy and healthy in this New Year.

"Staying Warm" Pencil and digital color.  Copyright 2012 Jessica Boehman

It's amazing how much it looks like the hasty sketch I made on a yellow post-it note.

Initial sketch for "Staying warm"

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