Sunday, January 27, 2013

"When will you make an end of it?"

Or so says Rex Harrison, playing the irascible Pope Julius II, to Charlton Heston's Michelangelo in The Agony and the Ecstasy.  That line always stuck in my head, especially as I worked on large projects, like the creation of my first illustrator's portfolio, or massive projects, like the composition of my dissertation. Michelangelo's infuriating response remained, time after time, "When I am finished!"

The last picture that I had time to create in order to meet my Feb 1 SCBWI portfolio review deadline was an ending page. I wanted to include a mini-bio, and have it tie in with the last images that were in my portfolio.  To see the proper order, visit  The last page will be my Goose Girl end pages that I completed in 2012.  It's still one of my favorites, it's extremely representative of my style, and I feel that it's a good way to end this version of my portfolio. Like I said in the post below, had I another month, or another 6 months, or another year, the end result would be much different.  I wanted the last page to be simple, to tie into the title page and to the Goose Girl illustration.  I like its simplicity.  Tonight I will sleep well. I can rest my eyes, suffering from eyestrain, which has prompted a four day-long headache.  Thank God.

"End page" pencil. Copyright 2013 Jessica Boehman

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