Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween and Hans at the Sheldon

My notecards have arrived at the University of Nebraska's Sheldon Museum of Art Museum Shop just in time for Halloween. 

How I wish I could go shopping here. Clearly we are kindred spirits. I would purchase everything I see. Here are my Poe card and Halloween Hedgehog card amidst a lovely Halloween display:
Gorgeous display of Halloween treats. Photo by Genevieve Ellerbee, Registrar Extraordinaire

They are in such good company. Photo by Genevieve Ellerbee
 The incredible thing is that my cards on the rack below are adjacent to an artist whose work hangs in my studio. It's an image of an angel who is gifting the world to an imaginative soul. I love the message. It made me cry when I saw it and my sister Amy bought it as a Christmas present for me. I read it every day.  It makes me very happy to see that I am now sharing space with someone who inspires me.
My Dancing Bear, Brementown Musicians, and Hedgehogs in Love. Photo by Genevieve Ellerbee

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