Thursday, July 19, 2012


While I was abroad in London, I received a very happy email from an author looking to use an existing drawing, the Goat with Aulos, for the cover of her forthcoming book, "Goatsong."
"Goat with Aulos" Copyright 2011 Jessica Boehman
That image had already been licensed for use on a Portuguese wine called "Dancing Goat"--I can't wait for a bottle--so I asked if I could create something new for her.

In the author's own words, "the book is about three "homeless" women, one of them with a cabin and a herd of goats, and a young neglected-by-her-own-mother girl who lives with them for a while. It is about redemption, about Goatsong... the original "tragedy" (from the Greek tragos, “goat,” and oida, “song”), that separation from nature, and a reunion through love and Joie de vivre." For more information, visit

Clearly the goat needed to be joyful, even more joyful than the goat above, which derives from the Delacorte Clock in Central Park.  Since the title of the book came from the Greek root for tragedy, I thought it appropriate that the music fit the theme.  The aulos, a two-horned pipe, is also Greek.  I chose to use the pan pipe, which we tend to associate with fauns and satyrs, the half-men, half-goat, well-known for their own joie de vivre, the joy of life or exultation of the spirit.  They are mischievous creatures.

Here is the drawing for the cover of the book.  Indeed, I may like him more than the original. It also shows how my drawing style has become a bit tighter than a year ago. 

"Cover for Patricia Damery's 'Goatsong'" by Jessica Boehman. 2012. Pencil.
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  1. I love it Jess! I feel very lucky to have a great artist friend who is putting her stamp on the world via a pencil. Can't wait to see what your next venture is.

  2. Jessica, I too love this image! It warms my heart! Patricia Damery