Monday, May 30, 2011

Bang a Drum

"Penguin with Drum" Pencil Copyright 2011 Jessica Boehman
Finally, the last in the Delacorte Clock series. I'm glad they're over, especially as we might be moving away from the vicinity of the clock itself. They are so handsome as a set.  The penguin house at the Central Park Children's Zoo is awesome. You can push your nose against the glass and watch as a penguin comes face-to-face with you.  They are buoyant and happy as they bob in the water or shoot by under the surface.  Up above, they hop and preen and push their wings back in the funniest way that makes it look like they are Italian and are ready for a fight.

"The Delacorte Animals" Pencil Copyright 2010-2011 Jessica Boehman

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  1. These drawings are just amazing!